Sesame partners with customer management technology provider

Sesame has partnered with mortgage and protection fintech Smartr365 to provide its advisors with client management technology and a suite of analytical tools.

The software assists advisors in acquiring, verifying, advising, processing, cross-selling and retaining clients in the areas of mortgages, protection and general insurance, as well as a suite of analytical tools.

Sesame said the partnership will help its members provide a better customer experience.

The network will finance the cost of the Smartr365 platform for its members.

Richard Howells, Chief Operating Officer of Sesame Bankhall Group, said: “Advanced technology that helps advisors engage seamlessly with clients across a wide range of areas is increasingly important in a growing industry. evolution like ours.

“To meet this challenge, our group is partnering with the best technology providers in the industry. Smartr365’s solution is part of that vision, delivering the right solution at the right time for our network.

This latest partnership comes as last week PMS Mortgage Club, part of the Sesame Bankhall Group, created a panel of CRM vendors for its 6,000 directly authorized members. Smartr365 will also be part of this panel.

Billy Grimley, Commercial Director of Smartr365, said, “Together, we are taking a holistic approach to the market, using innovative technology to solve the biggest challenges everyone faces in the mortgage journey.

“We believe the future of mortgage technology is a fully connected ecosystem that eliminates friction and stress for brokers, consumers, introducers, networks and lenders.

“We are incredibly proud of the vote of confidence that Sesame’s partnership with us represents. It’s an exciting journey we’ve started, and together we’ll make mortgages easier.”

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