GoDaddy launches the Hub, a new site, project and client management experience for web professionals – WP Tavern

On Monday, GoDaddy officially launched the Hub by GoDaddy Pro, a dashboard that brings together all of its products, tools and solutions specific to professionals. The experience is aimed at developers and web designers, creating a central location to manage the work of their clients.

GoDaddy Pro is not a new service from GoDaddy. The hosting company has launched its initial beta in 2015. However, GoDaddy Pro now offers a new Hub-powered experience. According to Adam Warner, global head of field marketing at GoDaddy, the hub is being built in collaboration with real-world web designers and developers from their customer advisory board.

The Hub is at Existing GoDaddy Pro users can sign up for the new Hub experience. However, they can continue to use the legacy experience at They can also jump between the two as needed. Ultimately, the Hub will completely replace the legacy experience.

The GoDaddy Pro Hub home screen.
The Hub home screen.

“You can manage all of your GoDaddy customer projects, sites and products from the Hub,” Warner said. “Your customers’ WordPress sites don’t need to be hosted with GoDaddy. The Hub works with all web hosts. You can run one-click WordPress updates, security checks, backups, and other mass site maintenance work within the Hub. We have seen users save an average of three hours per month, per site.

The Hub allows web developers to access their customers’ GoDaddy products without having to provide their credentials. Developers can also send a pre-loaded shopping cart or purchase products on behalf of their customers.

“It makes it easier and faster to get a new project started,” Warner said. “You don’t have to worry about your customer buying the wrong hosting plan or the wrong domain. Project management is built into the Hub, so you can track customer communications and make sure you’re delivering projects on time.

Part of that journey started when GoDaddy acquired ManageWP and brought in their team in 2016. The acquisition was anything but popular at the time.

“We built the first version of our GoDaddy Pro site management tools on ManageWP Orion,” said Warner. “We have added new features specific to GoDaddy, such as allowing customers to grant delegate access to manage their GoDaddy products. We have also included premium add-ons for free on websites hosted by GoDaddy. Just like with ManageWP, sites managed in the Hub can be hosted anywhere, not just at GoDaddy.

The Hub has an interface that looks more like Average Joe than a tech scholar. I half-expected to see call-to-action buttons littering the screen, channeling users to every GoDaddy product imaginable, but none were found. Expectations from the GoDaddy of 10 years ago persist and die hard. However, the company continues to go beyond its old reputation with its free tools and more recent focus on giving back to the open source community, including its contribution to Five for the future.

Site security control with the Hub by GoDaddy Pro.
Performing a site security check.

“My goal in joining GoDaddy in 2018 was, and still is, to continue my involvement in the WordPress and broader Web Designer and Developer (WD&D) communities to listen and provide feedback internally on how best to help. freelancers to start, to grow. , and streamline their operations, ”Warner said. “GoDaddy Pro (the legacy tool) was already around when I joined GoDaddy, and my mission was to spread the word and offer improvements based on real conversations with freelancers and their specific needs. “

Creating clients, projects and sites from the interface is easy. The performance and security checks went well for the only site I logged into. The tests seemed to be perfect compared to the other tools I have used.

Performance verification output by the GoDaddy Pro Hub.
Verification of site performance.

Membership in GoDaddy Pro is free. However, the Hub will have a premium site maintenance tools in the future. Automated security checks, performance checks, backups, and uptime monitoring are currently free. There is no timeline on when they will be behind a paywall. Some of the premium features will have a downgraded free option when the Switch is flipped.

“While some adjacent programs (eg, GoDaddy Reseller Program, Pro Membership) may have associated costs or fees, GoDaddy Pro’s built-in project management, site management and customer management tools are free. Said Warner.

The commitment to provide management tools for free is definitely a good thing. So far, I like what I see with the new Hub experience.